Brake Repairs & Replacement Pads

Your brakes are a vital part of the safety equipment in your car, so it’s crucial that they are kept in good working order. In day to day driving, you may not be aware that a fault is developing with your vehicle’s braking system, which is why they are thoroughly checked during a service. You don’t want to find out that your brakes are defective when you need to use them in an emergency. If you have concerns, contact one of the many brake specialists from AutoMend. As one of the top car and van brake repair and replacement networks in the UK, our members (garages and mobile mechanics) located all across England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland are at your service.  Whether you need brake repairs, replacement pads or discs, they are there to help. Before you settle down to a lengthy internet search for ‘brake repairs near me’, simply request an online quote by filling in our easy to use quote request form. We just need you to tell us the make of your vehicle, then you can pick ‘Mechanical / Engine Problems’ and put in your location. You are then in touch with garages and mechanics in your local area, you can talk to a specialist direct or you can ask for a free online quote without obligation. You can be sure that you are only dealing with experts, who can solve your brake problems quickly and cost-effectively.

How do my brakes work?

Your vehicle’s braking system is responsible for slowing and stopping your car or van during driving. The braking system is a highly complex series of interlocking parts, each one of which must be working properly in order to pull you up safely. Each wheel has its own brake, and they are all linked together via a central hydraulic system. When you apply the brakes, hydraulic (brake) fluid operates a piston for each wheel. The piston pushes a brake caliper, which in turn pushes a brake pad against the brake disc that is spinning with the car’s wheel. The friction between disc and pad causes the wheel to slow and then stop. Many vehicles have power assisted braking, which reduces the amount of effort required to brake a vehicle.

Every time you apply the brakes, the pads and discs wear a little, and over time they need to be replaced. In any vehicle, hard and frequent braking can cause excessive wear, damage or breakages and lead to brake failure. This is particularly true of front brakes, which can be put under more pressure than the rear brakes, because the weight of the car is thrown forward during braking.

Many cars and vans have brake warning lights fitted, so if your brake warning light is on, never ignore it, get it checked by a brake repair expert from AutoMend, it could save your life. Even if you don’t have warning lights, it is important to recognise the symptoms of brake problems as soon as they develop, and get brake repairs or replacement pads as soon as possible. Inefficient brakes can lead to accidents, and total brake failure can be a killer.

Recognising Brake Problems

Brake Noise

If your brakes are making a noise, it is crucial to find out why. Your brakes should operate more or less silently if they are working efficiently, so hearing a noise is a good indicator that something is going wrong.

Some typical types of brake noise and their causes are:

Grinding - especially a metallic grinding that sets your teeth on edge, could indicate excessive brake pad wear. The unpleasant noise you hear is probably the metal brake discs grinding against the metallic remains of the brake pads.

Note: if you have replacement pads fitted, it is usual to have replacement discs at the same time. This is because the pad and the disc wear together, and you get more efficient braking with a new set on each axle.

Squeaking - there are many causes of squeaking, and it is likely to be a result of friction within the brake linings. It can even occur as a result of a foreign body stuck within the brakes. If you ignore this symptom, you risk damage occurring to the various components of the braking system, so get it checked out quickly.

Inefficient Braking

If the brakes are ‘fading’, and you may even need to pump the brake pedal to stop, there are several potential causes. You may simply need a brake adjustment to accommodate normal wear, there may be a leak in the hydraulic system, or there may be air in the brake linings. These problems may also manifest themselves in a brake pedal that sinks to the floor when you stop the vehicle.

If your car pulls to one side on braking, you may have wear or unevenness in the brake linings, or your brake fluid line may have sustained damage.

A ‘dragging’ feeling when braking could be caused by contaminated brake fluid or be a symptom of poor brake adjustment.

A spongy brake pedal may indicate a lack of pressure in the braking system, and is often caused by a faulty master cylinder.

Handbrake Problems

When you pull on your mechanical handbrake, if you notice that the lever pulls up higher than it used to, you may be in need of replacement handbrake cable. Handbrake cables are metal, and when exposed to road conditions including water and salt, they can corrode. Rust weakens the cable, and it may snap. A snapped handbrake cable can be a disaster if you have left your vehicle parked out of gear on an incline – it can run away and be a danger to other road users. At the first signs of handbrake problems, get your vehicle looked at by an AutoMend mechanic. A handbrake cable replacement is a relatively simple and inexpensive job and shouldn’t take too long to complete.

Some frequently asked questions

How long should my brakes last?

It is typical for a vehicle owner to need to replace brake parts at least three times during their term of ownership. The longevity of your brakes is affected by the way you drive. If you are an accelerator-brake driver with quick starts and fast stops, your brakes will wear out more quickly than someone who accelerates more smoothly and uses engine-braking to slow them down.

Can I repair my own brakes?

It is possible to repair your own brakes, but it is not advisable because they are such an important part of your car’s safety equipment. It is always best to get a competent mechanic to carry out brake checks and repairs because any braking system is complex, and faults can have multiple causes. There is a wide range of components to understand, and the materials and fluids within the system can be dangerous and need careful handling.
It is much wiser to put your trust in a local AutoMend brake repair professional, who can assess any problems, make an informed assessment, and carry out a reliable, quality repair.

What happens when my brakes have been repaired?

It is always a good idea to both brake pads and brake discs replaced together, as they wear into each other and give you a better braking performance after a short run-in period.

Once you have had discs and pads replaced, for roughly the first 200 km of driving, you may notice the brakes are not operating at 100% efficiency. During this time, heavy braking should be avoided if possible.
Running in your brakes after a repair will ensure you get the maximum efficiency from your new brake parts for the longest possible time.

How does AutoMend help motorists?

AutoMend is a cross-UK network consisting of car and van garages, as well as mobile mechanics. They are all highly experienced people who deliver the best in vehicle maintenance and repair services every single day. Requesting a quote for your brake repairs, discs or replacement pads from these industry professionals is so easy, and you are guaranteed to appreciate the prices they quote.

Our simple quote process is set up to ensure you can deal quickly and directly with your selected mobile mechanic or garage. This means that you can discuss your specific requirements and get best price quotes for your brake repairs, safe in the knowledge that the quote service costs nothing to use and is no-obligation.

You can either ask for a quote from one individual garage or request several different quotes to enable you to make a good comparison. Our aim is always to save you time and money, and using AutoMend means you don’t have to phone around or visit multiple websites to get a quote that suits you. Another real benefit of using our service is you get the flexibility to choose where your brake repair is done, and when.

Members of the AutoMend network are trusted, industry approved professionals. When you ask them to deliver brake repairs and pad replacements, you can do it safe in the knowledge that they are backed by years of experience. They will get your vehicle safely back on the road quickly and cost-effectively.