Exhaust Repair & Fitting

Your exhaust system performs a number of crucial functions in your vehicle. First and foremost, it ensures that the noxious fumes produced by your engine are safely removed and cleaned up, before the remainder is vented to the outside air. The other important function is to muffle the sound of your engine. If your car or van sounds too loud when you start it up, or you can smell exhaust fumes in the vehicle, it’s time for an exhaust repair. The AutoMend network has members (local garages and mobile mechanics) located all across the UK, and they are on hand to help you with their expertise in exhaust repair and fitting. Don’t waste time and energy searching online for ‘exhaust repairs near me’, simply get yourself an online quote by completing our easy to use quote form. We need you to tell us your make of vehicle, and then select ‘Mechanical / Engine Problems’ from the menu. Once you have told us your location, local trusted experts will be informed and they will provide you with a no-obligation quote, or you can contact them directly to get your exhaust or catalytic converter problems sorted quickly.

How can I tell I need an exhaust repair?

The exhaust system is made up of a series of parts, and it is highly unlikely that the whole system will fail at the same time. Quite often, a single portion of the system is faulty, and can be replaced quickly and without too much expense. Most parts of your exhaust system are exposed to harsh conditions, as they are located underneath your vehicle. Water and salt cause corrosion, flying road debris is a common source of damage, and so is ‘grounding’ your vehicle. If you have an exhaust problem, ask an AutoMend exhaust repair and fitting expert to check it out for you.

Symptoms of exhaust problems


Exhaust issues are pretty easily detectable by the noises you hear. A blowing exhaust is pretty hard to miss – your previously quiet vehicle suddenly starts to get louder. If your vehicle sounds like a tractor, the chances are part of the exhaust has either come away or has a hole in it.

Squeaks and rattles coming from the underside of your vehicle when driving may be caused by an exhaust mount breaking off or coming loose.

A rattling noise when the vehicle is stationary with the engine running may indicate a catalytic converter problem, and you need to get a replacement fitted.


If you can smell (or taste) exhaust fumes inside your car, don’t delay, get it checked out at once. Exhaust fumes are highly toxic and can creep up on you, so you should avoid continuing to drive the vehicle until it’s been fixed.


You may notice that you are suddenly using more fuel, even though your style of driving hasn’t altered. This could be caused by an exhaust problem. A leak in the exhaust system decreases the car’s performance, so the engine is working harder to achieve the same speed. This increases your fuel consumption.

There are other causes of increased fuel consumption, so put your car into the hands of an expert from the AutoMend network for a reliable diagnosis of any issues.

Some frequently asked questions:

What is my exhaust system?

Your exhaust system begins at the exhaust manifold, which is attached to your engine. The manifold is a multiple set of pipes, one per cylinder, that gathers all the exhaust fumes together into a single exhaust pipe, then routes it to the next stage.

The exhaust pipe runs from the exhaust manifold and is suspended by a series of fastenings and brackets underneath your car. The next step in the journey is usually a catalytic converter or catalyst. The catalyst is the device that captures and retains all the toxic elements of the exhaust gases and prevents them from being released to the outside world.

From the catalyst, the cleaned gases pass through the exhaust pipe to the muffler, which is the part of the exhaust system that muffles the engine noise. Finally, the remaining exhaust gases are emitted via the tail pipe, which is usually the only bit of the exhaust system visible.

What is a catalyst?

A catalyst or catalytic converter is a device that sits within the exhaust system and removes the toxic components of exhaust gases. It is basically a tube filled with ceramic beads that are coated with palladium and platinum. The gases flow over the beads, and their coating turns the toxic nitrogen oxides found in exhaust gases into harmless oxygen and nitrogen. Palladium and platinum are the catalysts that give the catalytic converter its name and are expensive and rare elements. The fact that catalysts contain expensive materials, and that they are often exposed and visible under a vehicle has made these one of the most frequently stolen car parts in recent years.

Can I repair or replace my own exhaust?

If you are someone who enjoys a challenge, there are repair kits on the market, for patching up cracks and holes in an exhaust. They usually consist of an adhesive and some type of material which wraps around the affected part like a bandage. Once set, these repairs can be effective for quite a long time and are useful as temporary repairs.

The problem with home repairs is that if an exhaust system has any corrosion on it, it will usually be corroded from end to end. If you repair one small section, you are likely to have to repair another one, and another one, pretty soon. A temporary repair should be just that – the best solution is to get a permanent repair or replacement from an AutoMend approved garage.

What can AutoMend do for me?

The AutoMend network is made up of a large number of independent car and van garages plus mobile mechanics, with locations right across the UK.  All network members are highly experienced and industry approved and can give you a great deal on exhaust repair and fitting services.

To take advantage of their expertise is really easy. We have a simple online quote process that is free for you to use and carries no obligation. Get yourself multiple quotes and then pick the one that suits you best, and you’re off. You deal directly with the mechanics to arrange your exhaust repair, and they commit to delivering the best quality of service at affordable prices.

Using AutoMend is the smart choice if you want to save yourself all the wasted effort involved in calling up garage after garage or searching the internet for the best prices. You get to choose the time, the location and the price you pay, nothing could be more convenient.

Our trusted AutoMend network members offer a huge range of car and van repair and maintenance services as well as MOT testing. Put your car or van into their hands the next time you need exhaust repair or fitting services, and you will be delighted by the quality and the price.