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Finding someone reliable to carry out an alternator repair or replacement in Totternhoe is easier than it’s ever been following the introduction of the AutoMend network of car and van garages and mobile mechanics. With access to over 9,000 mechanics nationwide, when you engage with one of our members, you are still dealing with a local expert. Someone you can trust to get your alternator repaired quickly, and at a price you can afford, and who is easily accessible near you.

Our members don’t only fix alternators, they can carry out just about any repair on any vehicle, plus servicing and MOT testing. Many of our members have specialisations too, such as bodyshop capabilities, special diagnostic equipment and expertise in automatic gearboxes. What they all have in common is a commitment to great customer service and affordable pricing, and they are all available in one place – the AutoMend website.
Before any mechanics can join our network, we insist that they are experienced professionals. This means that you can contact them with confidence, knowing that you will receive a good, honest service at a realistic price. No need to phone around or browse the internet looking for alternator repairs in Totternhoe, our simple online form is easy to complete and gives you immediate access to all the information you need to choose a garage and book your repair.

No-one likes to take a step into the unknown, so before you commit to getting your alternator replaced or repaired, you will probably want to know what it is going to cost you. To take the guesswork out of vehicle repairs, we offer free no-obligation online quotes, allowing you to understand the costs and budget accordingly. We also give you contact details of all the garages and mobile mechanics operating around Totternhoe so you can give them a call and discuss your options.

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An alternator is the device that provides the electrical power to all the systems in your vehicle. It is attached to your engine (internal combustion) and powered by a belt attached to the vehicle’s crankshaft. When you start your car, the initial electricity to power the starter motor and other equipment is provided by the battery. However, there is insufficient power in a standard car battery to continue to run all the electrics when you drive, so this is the job of the alternator. The alternator provides power to the electrics while the engine is running, and at the same time it replenishes the charge in the battery. In the past, the alternator was known as the dynamo or the generator – in fact they all do the same thing in slightly different ways.

There are three major parts to an alternator, they are called the stator, the rotor and the rectifier. The rotor (an electro–magnet) rotates within the stator (a wire coil) to produce alternating current (AC). AC is the type of power you use in your house for lighting and running your electrical equipment. Modern cars operate on direct current (DC), so the rectifier’s job is to change the AC to the DC that your car and your battery needs. If any of the parts ceases to function properly your alternator will not generate power, and you may become aware of your battery running down or your car failing to start. It may all sound complicated, but the skilled AutoMend mechanics in Totternhoe know exactly what to do to put low battery power problems right. You can rely on them to give you sound advice, such as whether an alternator repair is possible, or if a replacement alternator will be needed, or even if you have a battery problem rather than a faulty alternator.

Don’t be caught out with a dying battery or a car that won’t start. As soon as you become aware of a problem, contact an AutoMend garage near to Totternhoe and make an appointment for diagnosis and repair. You can be sure of getting honest and reliable advice and a high–quality repair at a realistic price.


It’s never been easier to find a reliable repair or replacement expert for your alternator through the AutoMend network. All the contact details for any local mechanics are available once you have completed our simple process. We need you to tell us:

  • Your vehicle type – choose from our comprehensive list.
  • The service you need – again, choose from our list.
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  • A list of garages and mobile mechanics near Totternhoe will appear; they are all capable of the alternator repairs you need. We also include their distance from you and full contact information.
  • You can now call the mechanics directly to chat about your requirements, or you can ask for an online quote.

It’s such a straightforward process, and we are confident that our members will be able to offer the highest quality of service, and the best prices. No need to wait, get in touch with an AutoMend network mechanic and solve your alternator problems now.