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If you plan to charge your battery, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you start. If you don’t get it right, you can end up with damage to the battery, your vehicle’s electronic components, and even yourself.

The first thing to be aware of is that charging requires you to disconnect the battery from the electronics in your car. Disconnecting the battery will shut down the related systems such as the radio/infotainment system, the sat nav etc. Some of these systems will need you to put in a code to restart them, so you will need to have the codes to hand before disconnecting anything. Central locking could also be activated when the battery is unplugged, so don’t leave your keys inside the car or you could be locked out.

If you can’t totally remove the battery from the engine compartment, you can charge it in situ. If you don’t want to totally disconnect the leads, you do need to disconnect the negative (–) lead as a precaution. Charging the battery inside the car means you need to ensure the charger lead is long enough to reach into the engine compartment without causing a trip hazard.

Every type of charger is slightly different, so take the time to read the manual before starting work – you need to be certain that it is actually compatible with your battery.

Attaching the charger leads must be done with the mains power to the charger switched off (and unplugged to be absolutely safe). If you get this bit wrong, you may see sparking, and you risk damage to the battery and your car’s electronics.

The charger leads have strong metal clips on the end, and are usually coloured red for positive and black for negative. Attach the clip of the black lead to the negative (-) battery terminal and the clip of the red lead to the positive (+) battery terminal. As you attach each clip, give it a bit of a twist to make sure the contact is good. Plug in the charger and switch it on – you should see a bulb light up to indicate charging is taking place. If the charger doesn’t seem to be operating, switch it off, and disconnect/reconnect the clips to try to get a better contact. When charging is complete, switch off the charger before trying to remove the clips from the battery, and then reconnect the battery leads.

If this all sounds too complicated, and you don’t fancy messing around under the bonnet of your car, why not call in an expert from the AutoMend network to do the job for you? Call a mobile mechanic to your home in Mill Hill and enjoy the convenience of someone else getting their hands dirty.


If you suspect that your battery is getting worn out, don’t risk getting let down by a car or van that won’t start. Get your battery tested by someone who really knows what they are doing – your friendly local approved AutoMend garage or mobile mechanic. Our simple quote process means we can put you in touch with your nearest garage or mobile mechanic quickly and effortlessly. All we ask is for you to give us a little information so that we can proceed.

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In return, you will see a list of van and car garages and mobile mechanics available in the Mill Hill area who can deliver the service you need. Feel free to book a slot directly with your preferred choice, or you can ask for a free online quote. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t be stranded with battery problems, get your battery tested or replaced as soon as you notice an issue developing. We’re confident you’ll be completely satisfied with the prices and the quality of service delivered by the AutoMend network members.