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Getting your brakes fixed in Wrenthorpe is simple if you go through AutoMend. Our highly skilled and industry-approved mechanics are able to complete a broad range of maintenance and repair work on a wide range of cars and vans. Take your vehicle along to a local garage or call on a mobile mechanic to come to you at home, at work, or at the roadside – wherever you find yourself in need of some help.

An AutoMend mechanic can quickly and cost-effectively fit new brake pads or replace the discs, and you will be on your way again with efficient brakes and a safe vehicle. We are pleased to be able to tell you that we have access to more than 9,000 mobile mechanics and garages covering all of the UK, and that includes the Wrenthorpe area.

We set up the AutoMend network in order to provide motorists with easy access to vehicle repairs and maintenance services at the best possible prices. Give your nearest garage a call today or complete our simple online quote form (it’s free and puts you under no obligation) and see for yourself how cheap the prices are for brake repairs in Wrenthorpe.

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The cost of brake repairs varies a lot, it all depends on the model of your vehicle, and what type of brake repair you need. Adjusting a handbrake cable for example will be considerably less expensive than a replacement set of brake pads and discs. If you do need to replace your brake discs, it’s always a good idea to replace the pads at the same time, even if there is still some wear left in them. It may seem that only replacing the worn parts is a way of saving money on brake repairs, but it can be false economy. The pads and discs operate together and wear into each other over time. If you only replace one part of each pair, your braking performance will not be as good as if you replaced both parts. Even when you have replaced pads and discs, you will find that for the first approximately 200 km of driving around Wrenthorpe that the brakes are not as keen as they could be. It’s a good idea to avoid heavy braking during this time, to give the discs and pads time to bed into each other. If you want to find out an accurate cost for repairing your brakes, the mechanics listed at the top of the page offer brake repairs in the Wrenthorpe area. Give them a call and they will give you a price, or simply ask for a free online quote for the work.


The first indicator that you need to get your brakes seen to is often that you hear a noise while braking. If your brakes are operating efficiently, you shouldn’t really be able to hear anything when you press the pedal. A metallic grinding noise that you can hear even over the heaviest traffic around Wrenthorpe is not only unpleasant to hear, it is also an indicator of worn brake pads. The metal of the pads is probably grinding against the metal of the discs, and your brakes will cease working eventually. An irritating squeak is also a cause for concern – you may have something stuck inside the brake linings, or there is something causing friction. Whatever the cause, get it looked at before brake failure occurs.

A most alarming symptom of brake problems is ‘fading’, which can mean you have to pump the brake pedal in order to stop the car, not a good situation to be in. A simple adjustment from an AutoMend network member near Wrenthorpe may be all that’s needed, or you may have a more serious problem such as a hydraulic system leak. Get your local expert to check it out before your brakes fail totally.

Other symptoms such as ‘dragging’ or pulling to one side when braking, or even a spongy feel to the brake pedal are all indications of problems that need the attention of a brake repair expert. Don’t put off getting the problems investigated and the repairs done – your brakes are a life-saver in an emergency.


A brake adjustment is always going to be quicker and cheaper than a brake repair. If you act as soon as you notice a problem developing with your brakes, you may be able to prevent further damage and therefore keep costs to a minimum. Whatever the issue with your brakes, the AutoMend network can help, and there will always be someone available around the Wrenthorpe area to offer a repair solution.

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