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If you’ve ever owned a vehicle fitted with air conditioning you will know how great it is, and you will never want to be without it, especially in the heat of summer. Rolling down a window just isn’t the same. What many people don’t realise though, is that the only way to keep your air con operating efficiently is to have it serviced regularly – at least every two years. There are two main reasons for this; The first is that the system will lose about 10% by volume of refrigerant each year, and during an air con service, the garage can top up the coolant (known as a recharge or a regas) to keep it at the right level for efficient running. The other main reason is that condensation builds up inside the system over time, and even if you run it regularly (even in winter) as recommended by the manufacturer, the system will still need a regular thorough clean–out. You can tell if moisture is causing a problem within your air con system if you become aware of a distinctive smell when you switch it on. This odour is caused by bacteria living on the moist surfaces, and if it’s not removed, you can find yourself with sore eyes or respiratory problems.

If you are seeking the best prices on air conditioning servicing around the Winchburgh area, then the AutoMend network of car and van garages has just what you need. We’ve access to more than 9,000 mobile mechanics and garages spread all across the UK. This means that when you are looking for a car and van air conditioning service we can quickly point you in the right direction, saving you hours of work trawling the internet and comparing services and prices. Some garages specialise in air con work, others offer it alongside a whole host of services such as repair and replacement of exhausts, brakes and tyres, plus bodywork, diagnostics and MOT testing. Whatever you are looking for, when it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair, the AutoMend approved garages in or around Winchburgh are the experts.

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Invented around 1900, air conditioning is not new, but it has only been fitted into cars since the 1950s when it began to be a feature of the prestige cars of the time. Nowadays, it’s in pretty much every new vehicle as standard. The basic principles haven’t really changed over the years, although today’s air con systems are more efficient and reliable, and use materials that are more environmentally friendly than the old–style freon (a CFC). The main components of your air conditioning system are the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator and refrigerant liquid. The main premise behind air conditioning is that you can compress a gas, but you can’t compress a liquid, and gas can absorb a large amount of heat.

The refrigerant is a liquid with very special properties – it has a low boiling point meaning that it turns into a gas at a low temperature, unlike water which requires heating to 100 C before it turns into gas (steam). The way the air con system works is for the refrigerant to enter the compressor as a gas, and be compressed, which generates heat. The heated pressurised gas passes over the condenser which works like a radiator in reverse and cools the gas back to a liquid, which is still under pressure. The liquid passes over the evaporator, which turns it back into a gas again, at the same time absorbing the heat from the car’s interior and allowing cool air to be blown in.

There are other complexities along the way, such as water removal, but this is the basic principle behind air conditioning. If your system isn’t keeping you as cool as you would like, book it in for a service with an AutoMend approved garage.


To make sure you keep your air conditioning is in tip top condition, don’t delay, and book your vehicle in for an air con service at a garage near you. It’s easy to find your nearest air con expert with our simple online quote process:

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We promise the best possible vehicle maintenance and repair services at the best possible prices, so give your local AutoMend approved garage in Winchburgh a call today, and give your air conditioning a wash and brush up – you’ll appreciate the difference the next time there’s a heatwave.