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Fuses are there to protect the delicate electronic devices and wiring within your car. If you didn’t have a fuse in a circuit and a surge of electricity happened, the circuit could burn out and cause a fire. The same applies if a fuse of too high an amperage is put into a circuit. A fuse that has an amp rating higher than the circuit it is meant to protect means that the circuit will burn out before the fuse does. If the fuse is of too low an amperage, it will blow when the circuit is operating normally. So, it’s important to know what you’re doing when you deal with your vehicle’s electronic circuitry. For this reason, if you’re not 100% sure of yourself, leave vehicle electronics and fuse repairs to the experts. Contact the AutoMend approved garages or mobile auto electricians that cover Marlow Common and get them to diagnose your electrical fault and fit a new fuse if that’s what is needed.


The type of fuses used in your vehicle will depend on several factors – the make and model (and sometimes age) of your vehicle, and where in the electrical system the fuse is located. In very simple terms, a fuse is a piece of metal wire encased in heatproof material (usually a form of hardened plastic or glass). It is the thickness of the wire that dictates the amperage of the fuse – the thicker the wire, the higher the amp rating.

Some of the main fuses are grouped together inside a fuse box, which will be located in a more or less accessible point in the vehicle. Under the dashboard is a favourite location, and the footwell on the driver’s side of the car is another one. If you don’t know where your fuse box is located, you should find the information in the driver’s handbook.

These will not be the only fuses in your vehicle – there will be several sets dotted about the various circuits throughout your vehicle. These are called ‘line fuses’. Manufacturers tend to divide the electrical system into discrete circuits, each with its own line fuse, so that if one fuse blows the whole vehicle is not disabled.

If you think that a fuse has blown, the first thing to do is to find it and remove it from its holder (they generally push into the holder, and can be pulled out fairly easily). Examine the fuse itself by eye – if you can see the wire, does it look as though it has been burned or broken? Charring on the insulation or around the fuse holder is a good indication that the fuse has blown. If you are certain that you have the expertise, you can replace a blown fuse yourself, but if it blows again, that indicates a deeper problem. Your best option is to call a Marlow Common–based AutoMend approved auto electrician to check your car or van for electrical faults – it could save you all the unpleasantness and upset of a vehicle fire.


We all lead such busy lives, it’s hard to find the time to search online for the best deal on vehicle repairs and maintenance. We understand this, so we have ensured that our website provides all the information you need to get your electrical fault repairs done quickly and at the best price around Marlow Common. Simply fill in the small amount of detail on our quote form and we can get you on your way to an expert repair. We ask for:

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Once your details are complete, you will see a list of local car and van garages plus mobile mechanics offering electrical fault repairs in your area. It’s usually quickest to call the garage direct, so we include their contact details as well as how far from you they are located. If you are only enquiring, why not ask for a free online quote – it comes with no obligation to proceed.

There’s no need to let a blown fuse, blown bulb or an electrical fault keep you off the road. Get it put right today at guaranteed best prices by your local approved AutoMend garage.