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Have you ever wondered how the radiator cools the coolant? Your radiator acts as a heat exchanger – it captures the heat which the coolant liquid has removed from the engine, and disposes of it to the outside air. Most vehicle radiators consist of a set of metal tubes which lie parallel to each other. Each tube has a series of metal fins on the surface, and these increase the total surface area of the tubes. The radiator is situated at the front of the vehicle, and as it is being driven, moving air passes over it. The coolant passes through the tubes, the heat is collected by the fins and tube surfaces, and the cooled coolant goes back round the engine to collect more heat. The moving air cools the radiator’s metal surfaces, and the whole process begins again. Air movement is assisted by a fan which continues to run after the vehicle has stopped to enable cooling to continue.

The coolant doesn’t circulate straight away when you start your engine from cold. A cold engine doesn’t need cooling – in fact, if the coolant did circulate right from the start, it would be detrimental to the engine. You need your engine to get up to optimum running temperature (around 100°C) as quickly as possible to ensure maximum fuel efficiency and performance. A cold engine is also more prone to wear than one at the ideal running temperature, gives out higher emissions and is subject to a build–up of combustion products which can clog it up. Coolant flow is controlled by a thermostat, which is probably the cheapest part of your coolant system, but one of the most crucial. The thermostat opens once the engine is up to temperature, which allows the coolant to begin to circulate.

The cooling system of your vehicle is essential to maintain your engine’s well–being. If you are aware of a problem with it, it makes sense to get it checked out quickly by an expert you can trust. You can’t do better than put your radiator repair or replacement into the trustworthy hands of your local AutoMend approved mechanic, conveniently located within easy reach of West Gorton.


Do your engine a favour, and get your cooling system overhauled before it lets you down – it’s much simpler and cheaper than an engine rebuild! There’s no need for you to trawl the internet or ring around for quotes – the AutoMend network puts all the information you need to get a great deal on a radiator repair or replacement in one place. We are a national network of local garages and mechanics, which means there is always someone near at hand in West Gorton to do the job for you. We just need a few details and then we can get started. We need you to tell us:

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In return, we will provide an online list showing all the garages and mobile mechanics located near to West Gorton who are available to carry out your cooling system work. The list includes contact details and distance from you to help you make your choice. Either give them a ring, or request on online quote – it costs you nothing and comes with no obligation.

We established the AutoMend network with the aim of offering all motorists a simple way to access trusted local mechanics and garages who are able to offer high–quality repair and maintenance services at realistic prices. To get a great deal on a radiator repair or a radiator replacement near you, contact your local AutoMend approved mechanic today.