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One of the best ways to ensure your car or van is fully roadworthy, safe to drive and performing at its best is to ensure it is serviced thoroughly and regularly. Regular servicing is also one of the best ways of retaining the value of your vehicle – a full service history is a great selling point when you come to change it. Finding a reliable garage conveniently close to your home in Westby can be a big help, which is where the AutoMend network of car and van garages and mobile mechanics comes into its own. We have access to over 9,000 garages across the UK, and there is one or more near you who will be happy to take on the interim, full or major servicing of your own vehicle, with the best prices guaranteed.

Our network is made up of professional garages and fully–trained mechanics who can be trusted to carry out all types of servicing, and to do it right every time. If your car is fairly new, you may have a manufacturer’s warranty on it, and feel that you have to take it to your main dealership for servicing or you may invalidate the warranty. This is not really the case – provided the garage doing the servicing closely follows the manufacturer’s specifications, uses the defined materials and completes the records correctly, your cover will be intact. Put your servicing into the hands of one of our approved garages near to Westby and you can rest assured that they will do the same quality of work at a lot lower price than the main dealerships.

Our network covers the whole of the UK and is made up of individual garages and mechanics who all have different specialisations and skills. What they all have in common however is a dedication to providing consistently high standards of customer care and workmanship at the best possible prices – we pride ourselves on providing national coverage combined with local expertise. Whether you are getting your car serviced, MOT tested or having your brakes repaired you can rely on the garages around Westby to give you the best of both worlds.

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The short answer is that they are very important. The intervals are defined by the manufacturer and are usually set based on two factors – the vehicle’s mileage and elapsed time. If you are a moderate to high mileage driver, your service interval will be dictated by the number of miles that you do. It’s important not to go too far over the mileage limit dictated by the manufacturer before getting a service, as certain components such as timing belts and brake parts are designated as ‘wear parts’ which means they will wear out with use and need to be replaced at the appropriate time. If you are a low mileage driver, your service interval will be time–based. It may be recommended that your oil and filters need to be changed at yearly or two–yearly intervals, regardless of how many miles you do each year. If you are not sure what your optimum service interval should be, ask your friendly AutoMend approved garage in Westby for help and practical advice.


Not all services are the same – depending on the age of your car and the mileage you have done, there will be different levels of service. The categories usually break down into interim, full or major services.
Interim or minor services could simply involve changing engine oil and filters plus checking brake fluid levels. You could do these tasks yourself, but you need to ensure you use the correct oil and brake fluid for your model of car, and you have all the problems associated with handling the old oil (messy) and disposing of it correctly. The AutoMend approved garages and mechanics around Westby are experts in this type of work, they do it every day, so why not leave it to them?

Full and major services are a somewhat different matter – major tasks such as timing belt and water pump replacement, brake parts and air conditioning checks are usually best left to the professionals who have all the correct handling and safety equipment and can get hold of the right parts and materials for the job.


Servicing is so important, so to get hold of a mechanic who is competent and trustworthy to handle your servicing needs, look no further than the AutoMend approved garages and mechanics. To find your nearest garage, all you need to do is . . .

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  • Input your post code, and pick Westby as your location.

We will show you a list of the garages and mobile mechanics who offer servicing in your region, plus other information such as how to contact them to book an appointment and how far from you they are located. You will also have an option to request a quote online. Quotes are free and without obligation.

Don’t ignore your service intervals, they are set for a good reason. Keep your vehicle roadworthy and safe by getting a regular service from your AutoMend approved garage. You can rely on them to work quickly, cleanly and efficiently, and you will be delighted by the prices they can offer.