Car & Van Water Pump / Coolant Pump Replacement in Rusholme

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Your coolant pump or water pump is the mechanical device that pumps the liquid coolant around the engine’s cooling system. It operates at high speed the whole time your engine is running, and as such is expected to wear out within a certain number of miles. The lifetime of a coolant pump varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but often falls between 60,000 and 120,000 miles. In order to prevent failure while the vehicle is out on the road, the manufacturer will schedule in a water pump replacement as part of one of the major services, well before the expected failure point.

In fact, the water pump is closely allied to the engine’s cambelt or timing belt, which is another component that needs to be changed before it wears out. They both last for roughly the same number of miles in normal use, and the same part of the engine needs to be opened up to access them both. It therefore makes perfect sense to replace them both at the same time, and the service schedule for your vehicle will reflect this approach.
The coolant pump and the cambelt will both be scheduled for replacement on one of the major, and therefore more expensive, services. This is not a money–making scheme by either the parts manufacturer or the garage – labour costs are usually the largest part of any garage bill, so in terms of cost–effectiveness, opening up the engine once is better than doing the two jobs separately. In addition, the driver will have the vehicle off the road for less time with a combined replacement than with two separate jobs. It is certainly better to get parts replaced during a routine service than to wait for one or the other to fail, and then have to complete a more major repair.

Your water pump is such a critical part of your engine, it really does make sense to get it replaced before it fails. Ask your local AutoMend approved garage based within the Rusholme area for a quote for a coolant pump replacement – they guarantee to offer the best prices in the area.


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