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There are many reasons for the engine management light to come on, as it is not related to a specific part of the car. Unlike the low battery light or coolant temperature warning, the EML covers many and varied components, and your vehicle may have to undergo diagnostics in order to discover which part is at fault. Don’t worry, the AutoMend network will have an expert near to West Gorton who can get to the root of the problem quickly and economically.

Here are a few of the most frequent causes of the engine management light coming on – they are a mixture of electrical and mechanical faults:

Emissions system failure – vehicle emissions have been in the news a lot recently, with good reason. The emissions control system on your vehicle is finely balanced to minimise the level of toxic gases and particles emitted while giving a decent performance while you drive. An oxygen sensor forms a key part of the emission control system (there may be several of these sensors) and it detects whether your engine is running efficiently or not. If it detects a problem (or even if it is faulty itself) it will send a signal to light up the EML.

Blocked diesel particulate filter (DPF) – if this doesn’t have a separate warning light, a blockage will trigger the EML. Particulate emissions have been having a really bad press, as they are proven to be associated with respiratory illnesses. It is therefore crucial that this filter, which removes the fine particles of soot, is kept free and clear of blockages.

A failed sensor – there are several sensors in and around your vehicle controlling a whole host of functions. If a sensor detects a fault, it may be a failed component, or it may actually be a sensor fault. A skilled mechanic should be able to come to the right conclusion quickly with a bit of detective work and diagnostic tools.

A loose filler cap can actually cause the EML to come on – a loose or poorly–fitting cap allows excess air to enter the fuel system which upsets the air pressure sensor in the fuel tank. If the EML is on, check that the filler cap is fitted correctly.

Driving with the engine management light illuminated can be risky – you could end up damaging your catalytic converter (expensive to replace) or some other part of your engine or exhaust system. Get your EML fault checked out quickly and economically by a professional garage or mobile mechanic located near you.


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Don’t ignore an engine warning light – get it sorted before a fault costs you extra money or leaves you stranded. For the highest quality diagnostic and repair services at the best prices call on your friendly neighbourhood AutoMend mechanics.