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If you’re based in the Whitton area and you’re looking for the best gearbox repair or replacement price, the AutoMend network can help. We have access to a wide range of garages and mobile mechanics within our network – more than 9,000 of them in fact. Among them there will be someone local to Whitton who can do the work for you, at a competitive price, whether it’s a minor adjustment or a total gearbox replacement that you need.

Our expert and industry-approved mechanics routinely complete an amazingly wide range of vehicle repairs and maintenance work. They have the knowledge and experience to tackle most jobs on most models and makes of van, light commercial vehicle or car. There’s no need to pay the over-the-top prices charged by some garages, the AutoMend network was set up to give motorists access to affordable gearbox repairs, especially in Whitton.

Our mechanics based in and around Whitton are listed below, and they report that they have seen an increase in the number of gearbox repairs requested over the last year. Take advantage of their expertise and great prices – get yourself a free no-obligation quote for your gearbox repair or gearbox replacement or ask about prices for any of the other popular jobs such as servicing and MOT testing.

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The cost of gearbox repairs and gearbox replacements will be different depending on several factors. Firstly, it depends whether you have a manual or automatic gearbox. There are similar parts inside both types of gearbox, and they suffer similar malfunctions, but automatic gearboxes have some additional features which makes them a little more specialist, and therefore may add to the cost of repairs. Some Whitton garages specialise in repairing automatic gearboxes, and because they handle a larger volume of these type of repairs than general garages, you may get a better deal from a specialist garage. The make and model of vehicle is another factor that causes a variation in costs of gearbox repairs. Some models have extra features which make replacement parts more expensive. In other models, access to the gearbox is a lengthy procedure, and the longer a repair takes, the more it will cost.

Another factor to consider is the type of repair you are looking for. If your gearbox problem is caused by a leaking seal or a worn part, the repair or adjustment should be relatively quickly accomplished and therefore the cost will be lower. You can trust an AutoMend network member situated in or near to Whitton to give you an honest appraisal of the amount of work that will be needed, and a realistic quote so you know what to expect. If the gearbox is too worn out or damaged, you may be looking at a replacement rather than a repair. If replacement is the only option, and you want to save some cost, you may be considering getting a refurbished or reconditioned box rather than a brand new one. If you decide to go down the route of a refurbished gearbox, make sure you are dealing with a garage that you can really trust. If the gearbox has not been reconditioned by professionals, you could be buying trouble rather than saving money. Ask your AutoMend approved garage for practical help and advice on choosing the best option for you.


Fitting a new or refurbished gearbox will naturally be a much larger job than an adjustment or fitting a new seal. The AutoMend network has access to more than 9,000 garages and mobile mechanics at your disposal, with the ones nearest to Whitton on hand to offer expert assistance – simply give them a call or complete the easy quote process to see how much your gearbox repair will cost.

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Our network members in and around Whitton are committed to delivering great customer service along with the best possible prices for all vehicle servicing and repair work (which includes gearbox repair and gearbox replacement). Give your nearest AutoMend garage a call or ask for a no-obligation quote today.