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An internal combustion engine has a number of seals which are there to keep the exhaust gases and various liquids (oil, water and fuel) from mingling with each other. The most critical of all these seals is the cylinder head gasket. This gasket is complex-looking piece of flexible material that is fixed between the engine block and the cylinder head and it performs a number of vital functions. These functions include sealing the cylinders and the water and oil conduits. If the gasket fails and allows a leak to develop, oil can get into the water, or water into the oil, and your cylinders may lose compression. This means you may well be driving around Wooburn Green with a smoking exhaust or a lumpy engine. Worst of all, you may not be driving at all because the engine can seize up due to lack of oil or coolant – a very serious situation indeed.

There is never a good time for a vehicle to break down but breaking down in the middle of a stream of traffic can be a very serious problem for you and for your fellow motorists. The answer is; at the first signs of head gasket problems (blue or white exhaust smoke, lumpy running or overheating) get an expert to assess the size of the problem and recommend a cost-effective solution. Contact the AutoMend garage nearest to you in Wooburn Green for a free quote, and you’ll be delighted with the result.


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