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Whether your vehicle is brand new or a few years old, it’s really annoying when the bodywork gets damaged. Whether you have scuffed or dented it yourself, or a vandal has scratched the paint, you will want to get it repaired as soon as you can to prevent rust taking hold. Even a small amount of damage can reduce the sales value of your vehicle, so it makes sense to keep it looking pristine by getting dents removed or filled and scratches and scuffs painted, but who can you trust to do such an important job for you? The answer is the AutoMend network of approved car and van garages and mobile technicians. Our network has members all across the UK, and there will certainly be someone near you in Winton who has the equipment and expertise to carry out a professional scuff removal, scratch repair and dent removal service, or even a full respray if that’s what you need.

We are a national network with access to thousands of garages, each of which is a local independent garage or mobile technician. All our members are committed to the provision of top quality bodywork repairs allied to competitive prices. Ask us for a quote and we are confident you won’t get a better deal for comparable work anywhere else around Winton. Some of our members offer professional paintless dent removal services and scratch touch–up, others have full bodyshop capabilities. We don’t only offer bodywork repairs, we have members who can repair just about any problem with any type of car or van. From exhausts, tyres and batteries to gearboxes, clutches and brakes, they can handle them all. Add to the list servicing, diagnostics, breakdown and recovery, MOT testing and air conditioning maintenance and you will see that our network members provide everything you could possibly need to keep your vehicle operating at its best.

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A relatively new phenomenon is a process called a ‘paintless dent repair’. This method is only possible if you are fortunate to have a dented area where the paint surface has not been broken. The bodywork repairer can often remove the dent and bring the surface back to its original contours so well that it is impossible to see where the repair has been done.

Large shallow dents (such as on a roof or a bonnet) where the surface is unbroken can be removed using a special tool that looks a little like a plumber’s plunger. This is attached to the middle of the dent and the surface is ‘sucked’ or pushed into lying flat. Sometimes, this type of dent is ‘popped’ back into position with the use of a heat gun. Naturally, this type of repair demands specialist skills, so it is best left to an AutoMend approved bodywork technician.

Another method employed by bodywork technicians is to use a piece of equipment to ‘massage’ the area around a dent. This can result in the dent popping out with excellent results.

If the paint surface is scratched, you will need a painted repair, which will probably be more expensive and take longer than a paintless one. The same methods of removing dents will be employed, and then surface will need to be prepared, possibly filled, and then painted and the paint cured, which is partly why this type of repair takes longer.

Have you ever wondered how the repairer matches the paint to make the repair invisible? There are thousands of variants of paint colours, each car manufacturer has a slightly different variant. If your vehicle was sold within the UK, and is not too old, the repairer will be able to refer to a unique ‘paint code’ for your particular model, which identifies the specific paint that was originally used. Some bodyshops have paint matching capabilities to use the paint code to make up bespoke batches of paint to match the original finish – even down to pearlised or metallic finishes.

There’s no need to live with damaged bodywork, contact the bodywork technicians operating in and around Winton for help and advice in getting your dents, scuffs and scratches repaired.


Not every garage does bodywork repairs, but some of them specialise in it. We’ve made it easy to find the bodywork repair specialists near you – we just need a little information about your vehicle and your location.

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Maintaining the value and appearance of your vehicle needn’t involve hours trawling the internet or ringing around for quotes. Simply find the bodywork repair experts right here, and put your scuff, scratch and dent removal or total respray into the hands of a trusted expert.