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You probably don’t give your starter motor a second thought when you turn your ignition key or press your ignition button. One simple click, and the engine starts straight away (assuming it’s all working properly). It wasn’t always like that – in early cars, the starter ‘motor’ was a human being who had to put great effort into cranking a starting handle which fitted into the front of the engine. This usually had to be done several times before the engine caught. The reason it took so much effort was that the handle was turning over a cold engine, which was probably short of oil on the moving parts, and the crank handle turn had to overcome friction and inertia. The modern starter motor performs the same function, but with much less effort on the part of the driver.

The amount of effort required to turn a cold engine is not much less nowadays than when engines were hand–cranked. The starter motor engages with the engine’s flywheel, and turns the engine, as well as operating the equipment attached to the engine such as the oil pump, alternator and water pump. In order to perform this work, the motor pulls a tremendous amount of power from the battery. Once it has got the engine turning, it needs to disengage quickly and efficiently so the engine doesn’t force the motor to run over–speed and burn it out.

Your entire starter system is a complex mixture of electrical and mechanical components that all need to be operating smoothly in order to perform the deceptively simple task of starting your vehicle. Given the number of moving parts involved, it’s no wonder that the system can break down and your car can fail to start at the most inconvenient times. Luckily, the AutoMend network has garages and mobile mechanics nearby who fully understand the complexities of starter motor repairs and starter system difficulties. Your Rusholme–based mechanic can diagnose starter system faults, and advise whether you need a starter motor replacement, or whether some other part of the system is at fault. What’s more, they can repair the problem quickly and cost–effectively, getting you back on the road again without undue delay.


Finding your nearest AutoMend mechanic is simplicity itself, whether you are based in Rusholme or some other part of the UK. There are just a few simple steps to follow, and your starter motor repair is as good as done.

  • Tell us the type of vehicle you need repairing.
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You will see a list of garages displayed – these are all close to Rusholme and able to offer starter motor repairs. For each garage you will find their phone number and some details of their services. You will also have the option of asking for a free online quote, or better still, why not give the garage a call for help and advice?

We believe in making life simple for the motorist, which is why we keep our processes straightforward and easy. You can put your starter motor problems in the capable hands of your local AutoMend network mechanic, feeling confident that you will get a straightforward solution to your problem, at a realistic price.