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The driver’s first point of contact with the steering system is the steering wheel, which is used to steer the front wheels of the vehicle, and is power–assisted in many cars. Between the steering wheel and the vehicle’s wheels is a highly sophisticated set of components that ensure the driver is able to steer the vehicle precisely and accurately without undue effort. The steering wheel sits on the end of a steering column which is designed to collapse if the vehicle is in a collision, the aim being to avoid a compressive chest injury to the driver. One of the complexities of the steering system is that the circular movement of the steering wheel needs to be turned into a swivelling motion, to enable the vehicle’s wheels to be turned left and right while in motion on the road. At the end of the steering column is the steering rack, a toothed bar that engages with the pinion gear. It is this rack and pinion that turns the circular steering motion into a side to side motion to turn the wheels.

If you didn’t have a suspension system in your vehicle, you wouldn’t have a very comfortable ride. The main parts of the system are the springs, shock absorbers and the wishbone. The springs are located in–between the wheels and the vehicle’s chassis. They keep the wheels in contact with the road and absorb some of the shocks as the vehicle hits bumps. The springs are aided by shock absorbers, which act as dampers on the springs, stopping the vehicle from bouncing around after every bump. The wishbone is the structure that holds the shock absorbers and springs in contact with the chassis, and is instrumental in keeping the wheels at the correct angle to the road. It also has rubber bushes that reduce road noise.

A fault in any part of the steering or suspension system can be a killer, and it’s not worth taking a chance. If you find you are developing any kind of problem with your steering or suspension, get it checked out quickly by an expert – an AutoMend approved garage conveniently situated near to Wooburn Green.


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It’s not worth taking any risks with faulty steering or suspension. For the best possible prices on suspension and steering repairs and maintenance, contact your nearest AutoMend approved garage or mobile mechanic.