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It is possible for any part of your vehicle to fail, but your turbo has moving parts, and is therefore subject to wear and tear while in use. A timely turbo repair, service or replacement could prevent further damage spreading to any of the components associated with it. There are a number of ways to tell if your turbo needs a repair, so keep any eye (or ear) open for any of the following symptoms:

The engine management light (EML) comes on and stays on. The engine management system will detect a problem with the turbo, and light up the EML. The difficulty with this warning light is that it covers a whole host of problems, not just the turbocharger, and diagnostics may be required in order to identify the source of the problem. Luckily, the AutoMend approved mechanics around Wooburn will be able to get to the root cause quickly and put it right.

A reduction in engine power or speed of acceleration. A failing turbocharger may result in your engine not being able to reach speeds that were previously achieved, or you may find that acceleration is slower.

Your engine note contains a distinctive whining noise (often compared to a dental drill or a police siren). Once heard, impossible to ignore – the noise is caused by a fault in the compressor and can be very loud indeed. The moment you hear this, get on to your local AutoMend mechanic without delay.

You have exhaust smoke, and it is blue or grey. A smoking exhaust is never a good sign and should always be investigated. Blue or grey smoke is indicative of oil burning, and this can be a symptom of a cracked turbo housing or blown internal seals. This type of damage allows oil to seep into the exhaust, hence the smoke, which is often more visible if you rev up your engine after a period of idling.

There are actions you can take to help protect your turbo from damage or failure, and they don’t cost the earth. First of all, ensure the engine oil you use is the correct one for your engine, and get it changed regularly along with the oil filter. The air filter also needs attention on a regular basis, as this is the engine’s main protection from any harmful debris, moisture or dust contained in the outside air. Seals deteriorate with the passage of time, and need to be checked and changed where necessary, as a leaking seal anywhere in the engine can cause expensive damage to the turbo and other engine parts.

Regular servicing which covers the appropriate components at the specified service intervals is key to looking after your turbo as well as keeping your car or van in tip top condition. Put your servicing into the hands of people you can really trust to do the job right, or if your turbo has already suffered damage, someone who can repair, service or replace it – a member of the AutoMend approved network of car and van garages based in Wooburn.


We have deliberately made it simple for you to find a garage or mobile mechanic near you who can service or repair your turbocharger, because we understand that when something has gone wrong you don’t want to wait to get it repaired. We simply ask you for a few details, so that we can point you in the right direction of great value vehicle repairs or maintenance.

We simply need to know:

  • The make of your vehicle.
  • What type of repair you are seeking.
  • Your post code.

Using this information, we will provide details of all the mechanics situated within easy reach that can provide the service you require. Give them a call to book an appointment or if you prefer, you can request a quote online – free and no–obligation.

You can be confident that members of the AutoMend network will always deliver the best possible workmanship at the best prices around Wooburn, because that is the commitment they make when they join the network. A faulty turbo can spoil your driving experience, so get it sorted as soon as you become aware of it, and you can benefit from that commitment.