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The correct tyre pressures for your vehicle should be listed in the vehicle handbook, and it’s important that your tyres are inflated to the correct psi (pounds per square inch). The figures may be different for front and rear tyres, so if you don’t know what the pressures should be, an AutoMend approved garage in or near West Gorton will certainly be able to advise you.

Did you know that your tyres probably lose up to 2psi each month, and more in hot weather? They may lose even more if you hit bumps too hard. Unless you have an integrated tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in place, manufacturers recommend a pressure check every 2 weeks. Checks should always include the spare tyre too, you never know when you will need to use it. Fortunately, TPMS is becoming more prevalent, and since 2014 most new cars have the system in place from new.

A low tyre pressure means that more of the tyre tread is in constant contact with the road than necessary. This can have implications including more rapid tyre wear, susceptibility to punctures, loss of fuel efficiency and increased exhaust emissions.

An uneven tyre pressure can be caused by a wheel dropping into a pothole or hitting a speed bump at too high a speed, causing the air to spill out around the rim. Uneven pressure causes uneven tyre wear and can affect braking. If your vehicle is fitted with TPMS, uneven pressure may cause a warning light to ignite on the dashboard.

A high tyre pressure is usually caused by over–inflation, and means that there is less of the tyre tread in contact with the road surface than there should be. You may be subject to a loss of traction when starting off, problems with longer braking distances, and of course the centre of the tyre will wear out more quickly than it should.

Other circumstances such as poor wheel balancing and alignment or steering and suspension problems can also cause uneven and excessive tyre wear. Get your vehicle’s tyres and associated equipment checked out before it starts to cost you money. Ask the AutoMend network members nearest to West Gorton to give you a great value quote for their same–day services.


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For the best possible prices on same–day tyre puncture repairs or tyre replacement and fitting, contact your local AutoMend approved garage or mobile tyre fitter in West Gorton.