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Wheel alignment and wheel balancing issues have different symptoms, and it’s useful to be able to spot them as soon as they begin to develop so you can get them put right quickly.

Wheel alignment is the term used to describe the angle of your wheels in relation to each other and to the road surface. A correctly aligned wheel sits perfectly in line with the wheel on the same side of the car, and parallel to the wheel opposite. It also sits straight upright and at 90 degrees to a level road surface. If there is any misalignment present, you may feel the car ‘wandering’ as you drive, hear screeching from the tyres when cornering relatively slowly, and when you park on a flat surface, the spokes of the steering wheel may be off–centre even though the wheels are straight. You may also notice uneven wear on your tyres.

Wheel balance on the other hand is related to the way the wheel spins on its axle. If it’s perfectly balanced, the wheel will smoothly spin round without any vibration. It only takes a small weight difference on one section of the wheel to cause imbalance – as little as 28 grams (that’s one ounce). If a wheel is out of balance, you will feel vibrations which probably occur at speeds around 60 to 70 miles per hour, whatever the condition of the road surface. Vibrations through the steering wheel are usually related to poor balancing of the front wheels, and the rear wheels may cause vibration through the vehicle floor. A distinctive scalloped wear pattern on your tyres is another indication of poor wheel balancing.

Whether it’s an issue of balancing or alignment, as soon as any symptoms occur it makes sense to get the problem looked at as soon as possible. Uneven tyre wear can be costly; a bald patch will condemn the whole tyre even if most of the tread is OK. Safety can also be compromised if your wheels are causing vibration or affecting your steering. Get yourself the best possible deal on a wheel balancing and alignment check by booking your car or van into the AutoMend approved garage nearest to Wardley.


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